A popular Toronto newspaper owned by the Red Panda's alter ego. In competition with The Sentinel for readership.

List of Known ReportersEdit

August Fenwick
Status: Alive and Well
Owner of the Chronicle. Alter Ego of the Red Panda
Voice Actor: Gregg Taylor is August Fenwick.

Tim Pearlie
Status: Unknown
Editor of the Chronicle.
Voice Actor: ? is Tim Pearlie.

Rink Henderson
Status: Unknown
Staff Photographer
Voice Actor: ? is Rink Henderson.

Lulu LaLonde
Status: Alive, well and living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A gossip columnist for the Chronicle that made some provocative claims about the relationship between a wealthy young gad-about and his lady driver.[1] The Flying Squirrel wanted to throw her off a bank tower, but cooler heads prevailed. The Red Panda got his revenge on her when he bought the Chronicle and transferred her to another newspaper in Winnipeg. "It's how rich boys fight."
Voice Actor: ? is Lulu LaLonde.

Jack "Petey" Peters
Status: Unknown
A crime reporter of twenty years experience, Petey is also an agent of the Red Panda.[2]
Voice Actor: ? is Jack "Petey" Peters.


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