The "vicious" dog detective acquired by Jack and Trixie in Episode 15 - How Much Is That Gumshoe In The Window?. He's part purebred beagle and part "anything but". He has a habit of siting in the best chair or (the red leather couch) and isn't always to willing to move. As a puppy he would sleep in Jack's desk. Jack sometimes uses him to intimidate Freddy the Finger into giving up some information. Freddy is the only one intimidated by him.

As a puppy Jack describes King as "the one with the little fat stomach and the crazy-quilt patches everywhere". One of his litter mates belongs the Freddy's wife Alice another to Lieutenant Sabian's daughter.

Unlike most "characters" in the Black Jack Justice universe, King continued to be a part of the world after his episode ended. He even went on to narrate an episode of his own in 2011 - the comical Man's Best Friend.

Possibly named after Colonel Fitzking of the Original Universe Red Panda Adventures or the heroic dog star of the "Sgt Preston of the Yukon" old-time radio series. In Man's Best Friend, King was voiced by Hans Mesterschmidt.

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