In June of 2013, Gregg Taylor and Dean Kotz co-created a Kickstarter project for a Video Comic version of Mask of the Red Panda.  The project, which should be completed sometime in November, will use Dean's art, Gregg's script and the voice talents of the full Decoder Ring Theatre cast to tell the story of Mask of the Red Panda #1.  As of July 17, 2013, the project was nearly triple funded with over $12,000 pledged in support[1].


Rewards ranged from a high quality download of the Video Comic, for ten dollars, to a

Fans who donated $25 and above were eligible to claim agent numbers in the Red Panda's network, provided those agent number had not been assigned to an in-universe character[2]. The claimed numbers will be seen in the credits of the Video Comic.

Final ProductEdit

Details to come in November.


  2. - post only visible to backers of the project

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