The Decoder Ring discussion forums are hosted by AudioDramaTalk.

The forums are generally regarded among the Decoder Ring Theatre fans as the heart of the community. The forums, or boards, are generally the first place to recieve information and ask questions about the DRT universe. Content creator Gregg Taylor and actor Scott Moyle are frequent contributors.

The Decoder Ring boards are not only the first place, aside from the Official Decoder Ring Theatre website to hear about new episodes, they are also the only place to find some exclusive content, such as the Decoder Ring Theatre Deep Cuts

Common Topics of DiscussionEdit

The most common topic of discussion is, of course, the Decoder Ring Theatre productions themselves. Each of the show's flagship productions, Black Jack Justice and Red Panda Adventures, has its own sub-forum. There is also a sub-forum for the Summer Showcase episodes, and a fourth for assorted DRT miscellany.

Decoder Ring Theatre is a Canadian production, but thanks to the magic of the internet, its fans hail from all over the world. Many of the fans who frequently contribute to board discussions hail from the United States, so discussions on the difference between Canadian and American politics spring up quite frequently.

A running conversation on the DRT forums involves the potential for a crossover episode, either between Black Jack Justice and the Red Panda Adventures, or a three-way crossover also involving Deck Gibson: Far Reach Commander. Gregg has adamantly denied the possibility of a crossover episode in continuity, although the Christmas Episode for 2008 centred around the taping of this much-longed-for crossover episode.

Notable DiscussionsEdit

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